Security exploit on the gCaptain forum

For some reason, gCaptain doesn’t allow me to post a new thread under “gCaptain” section - I’m automatically logged out when I try to view that section.

Anyway, that’s not the issue I wanted to bring up. I was looking for an older article from Google with the seachwords “louisiana” “icebreaker” and “cancelled”. There was a link to this thread, but instead I was redirected to this page (seems to be safe now - the file that was there has been removed for “breaking the rules”).

Of course, I first thought I have a virus, but it seems that the issue is on the forum side:

Could you kindly look this up in case there’s some kind of security issue on the forum and move this thread under the correct section.

I hate to say this but it just happened to me also. @ 5:20 pm PST 11/22/16. The I was on IOs - iPhone.

things are way screwed up here, I’m sure they’re trying to get it back to what it was but I can log in or out 3-5 times and only after a day or something do I notice any result. there is not often a “reply to thread”, I use to see my post right after I wrote it but that doesn’t happen but very seldom, the “thank” option doesn’t show but I can almost always find the “reply with quote” working but you have to clutter up the pages re-sending the other guys stuff. It sure seems like a virus or something but I don’t know this subject… only enough to know what aint right!!