Is this the latest variety of “Coona** Splice”??:

Cool Merchant Mariners



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Without being able to see exactly what they did my guess is that it’s a Molly Hogan splice. It’s a good way of making a temporary eye in a wire rope when you’re onboard with limited time or tools.

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Yes I think you are right, it looks like a Flemish Eye made the simple way (aka Molly Hogan splice):


The addition of a a hose clip is not common though. (??)

Whatever it is comments have no mercy

You use what you have when you’re in need.

BTW, I almost attached that exact image to my original reply.

Molly Hogan by Shane McGowan.

When I lifeguarded at triathalons last year I was the only one who knew how to tie a hitch. I would have to run from boat to boat to tie them up.

Got a link or an explanation? I am pretty familiar with Shane and the Pogues and have no feckin’ idea what you are referring to. Nor, apparently, does Google.

If I were a sporting man, I would maybe guess it has to do with. Eh-hemm…
How good it looks :joy:

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Winner winner! Potato dinner!

I got the Shane part, it’s “Molly Hogan” that I have no clue about.

Pogues/Clash trivia, one of the times Shane was in re-hab and couldn’t go on tour, Joe Strummer took his place. Apparently bad teeth was a requirement.

I think you are right; it’s an attempt at a Molly Hogan, but with a rather pathetic result. That probably won’t hold anything bigger than a small dog. Creative use of a hose clamp.

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