Rope Fenders?


Does anyone have any information on the proper way to make a rope fender? I worked with a Captain a few years ago that knows how to make them and actually made a couple. But, me being a dumb ass, did not pay attention to it.

Thanks - Brian



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Nauticart - Thank you very much. Most excellant link…


This book has a bunch of that stuff

“The Marlinspike Sailor” by Hervey Garrett Smith. A classic.


Interesting you should ask. I was asking that same question a few weeks ago. This is what i learned:

  1. There are some supper detailed finders that are impractical using anything bigger than 3/4" and it takes lots of time to make one.
  2. Maybe Im just a dumb ass but couldnt figure out how to make one using only the written instructions and a few pics.
  3. I tried one that uses a modified Hangman’s knot with 2 1/2" three strand nylon… too big and heavy plus would fall apart after some grinding between boats.
  4. This what I thought of:
    Using 2 1/2" three strand get 12 feet of line. Bend it back so you have two bitter ends together. WHip one bitter end. Then make an eye splice with a super bunch of tucks. SIze the eye about a one foot or less and start tucking your tails.

Basically its an eye splice with a really small eye and about 20 sucks to the end of the whipped bitter end.

Seems to work just fine keeping a pair of 200’ boats from banging when rafted together. Heck, and even I can splice an eye. Oh I use the eye to tie some half inch poly so I can hang the fender over the side.

Simple, fast, and it works.


[B]your welcome : ) now I gotta go check it out myself, I’ve been wanting to make some for a long time, and every once in a while I would “google” it and whala…yesterday that link ! [/B]