Can you help me name this thing

Could anyone help me find the name of this thing? I’m 90% sure it’s used on boats but can’t seem to find anything after hours of research

see attached file (the top is supposed to be a closed hook, it’s broken)

thanks in advance

If the two ends rotate in the barrel its a swivel hook or swivel clip.

isn’t it too big to be that?

It’s only a couple inches long on my computer screen.


Appears to be a quick-release of some sort with a thumb button for release?

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Possibly a trigger snap swivel used for rigging?

It looks like an antique version of a hook for a spinnaker guy rope.

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Not all that uncommon but i haven’t seen one for a while … it’s a deck dept. thing.

Without anything to give scale to the picture, it’s hard to determine it’s purpose. I have seen a similar design hook used on dog leashes and horse tack, but if this has any size to it and it broke, must have been a hell of an animal hooked to it.

pathetic no one has figured this out. It isn’t such a uncommon thing. I’ve seen them around time to time, i just don’t recall using one personally though it’s quite possible. Isn’t there a app on a smart phone you can just point the phone at it and it’ll match it to something from wikkipedia or something?

Google has such function. I tried it and here is what it shows:

well, it worked ok more or less. I’m impressed but I think there is a couple parts of info missing or something but pretty ok all in all. good going.