What is This?

This piece of gear washed up on the beach during the last storm along with what appears to be a very old oar from a long boat.
Any old ship enthusiasts care to guess as to what it might be?


Looks like an old pot hauler.

Maybe a hame tug.

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Overpriced junk from Pier 1 Imports that ended up in the sea?

I think @Lemurian2 is right. It fits.

Colonial Spanish Mustangs landed on our beaches in the sailing era after a shipwreck. Their descendants are wild and still roam the beach. It would be something if the gear came from the same ship. I’ll see if I can have it carbon dated.

The mustangs are one of the oldest and rarest strains left in the world and nearly extinct.

If @Sand_Pebble is right, I’ll take it to Pier 1 for a refund…


Never new the name, but is is part of the gear used when harnessing a horse for pulling.

Nothing whatsoever to do with the sea…

Unless you consider that it may have been cargo since it washed up with a big oar from a longboat. If it came from the same shipwreck that the horses came from, it might be worth something to the maritime museum.