Seacor physicals?

Are they as tough as the ones ECO and HOS do? Is there a step test involved?

I searched and didnt find anything, I was hoping some of you may know. Also are they another place where you have to go down there to see about a job or will they answer applications and e-mails?


They are bottom dog in pay now and if you ever farted on record Willard will not talk to you. He used to be a great guy but the corporate attitude has turned him into a non user friendly apparatus.

I interviewed with them last year, in person. Prior to showing up out there, I got responses via email.and phone. However, I ammpretty sure they only hire walk ins, I am assuming because I didn’t get offered anything till I showed up.

I dont have a record so thats a plus. Are they equal time? What about physicals? Pay cant be any less than im making now. I just want to break into the gulf and get off tugs.

I don’t know how their physicals are. Maybe a seacor guy will chime in. In general all gulf companies if not all boat companies are making physicals tougher. At the time I applied I had a 200 t qmed and ab. Was offered an ab job at 280 a day and they don’t pick up or drop off at the airport I was told…which was mainly why I declined. No idea what officers make. Seems like more and more companies are allowing equal time so maybe they do too.

They do offer equal time 14 & 14 and 28 & 28. I don’t know how the physicals are now, but in 1999 there wasn’t much to it. I am sure they are not as tough as the ones ECO and HOS do.

The physical is pretty easy. Might have problems if you are late 50’s, smoke 2 packs a day, 100lbs overweight and never exersise.

Even time for all the Officers on the big boats. Mix of even and 2 on 1 off for the small boats and hands.

As for pay they might not be top but they pay full travel for Officers, if you fly they pay for hotel rooms, if you drive they pay $.56 a mile. If you work at least 28 days you only get full days. IE for every 28 you work you get 29 days of pay. Also if crewchange is late and you get off at 0001 thats another full days pay. They also pay $150 a day for traning, cover hotel rooms, and i think give you some money for food. If its mandatory training they give you a full days pay.

I dont know where the no airport pickup and drop off thing came from, because thats a lie. There are several airport runs a day, and transportation dosent care who they take or pickup.

That $100 Im giving up a day by working at Seacor is more then made up for in that they are the least fucked up of all the top companies. After only three hitches here I was making 75% more then I was at C&G and working on their newest boats.

Ive said it before. Pay, even time, or least bullshit. Pick two you cant have all three. I picked even time and least bullshit. Plus when things get tight, Im not worried about my pay being cut and not making my time.

Willard hires like every other boat company. What spot dose he need to fill today and how many qulified guys dose he have walking in his door. Unless you are an academy grad or are an enginner you need to have your DP Licinse. They also wouldb rather hire a green hand and train them up then hire an AB or QMED.

Pay for bridge breaks down like this.

Straight mate $460
Master running as mate +$25
DP license +40

Captain, cheif mate, what ever the fuck you want to call it, but you’re running your own watch $680. By working 28 days it really comes out to $704 a day per standard 28 day hitch, and Seacor is esentially paying for half of my truck with travel reimbursement.

Master around $780

There is a $30 pay bump for anchor boats. Overseas is $40.

Engineers follow the same maybe $10 less.

Just so yall dont think Im looking through things with completely rose colored glasses I started with Seacor on deck and was here for 3 years. Got my 100 ton license and thought I could do better and left.

Thanks for that great info jem!

When I went to interview with willard I had a 200 t, qmed and ab. He offered me an ab position, but he said I had to get myself to houma. Maybe he was just trying to discourage me? Lol.
since then I got my dde/chief osv 4000…I also got assistant osv any hp. I have a decent gig going right now for a gulf company but not in the gulf, including lower than gulf wages so I like to keep apprised of whats going on…I emailed him a few weeks ago and said when I get dde any hp to give him a shout.

Seacor is hunting for qualified people.

Ill send in an application when I get off then. Im willing to go down there to interview but I cant afford to go in cold. Maybe they have better communication than the others.

I have my application all filled out and scanned to e-mail, here goes nothing…

[QUOTE=Bayrunner;142238]I have my application all filled out and scanned to e-mail, here goes nothing…[/QUOTE]

I gotta get a moveon myself, I want to get my resume done and get some info out to the headhunters and get ready for a job fair coming up next month…

I told myself I was going to work out during this hitch, I’ve been pigging out on ice cream…yikes…

Let us know if you hear from them. Good luck