What does the physical consist of at Hornbeck Offshore, If anyone is working for them

I am going in tommorow for mine. Was just curious as to what their process is. I have heard that some companies won’t hire if your taking anykind of meds? Or that you will have to get x-rayed? Or have to carry 100 pound sack around for awhile.
Any one having expeience with Hornbeck and is willing to share. I would greatly appreciate it. I have been out of work for awhile and hope not to blow my oppurtunity.

for what it is worth some years back they had a “educated” HR person…requested they send me an employment package…in it was a psychological questionaire…showed it to a friend who is a psychologist…he considered it “laughable”…haven’t bothered them since!!

It seems to be a basic physical. I had an interview with them last week. Wasn’t impressed with the recruitor with the smart remarks she made. benefits weren’t the best either with a 1000 deductible. Pay was awfully low compared to rest of the oil field companies. When I commented on the pay I was told by the recruitor I choose this profession. Right then and there that ended it for me and I will never be back. Good luck with them. Personally I would go to Harvey Gulf or Chouest. There sing off crap they want you to do is joke and even after being signed off the pay is still below average. I can’t wait to see what they will do for engineers after the new STCW goes into effect.
Good Luck!

Thanks for the replys.

I went in today and got hired subject to physical which I did today. It was definitly extensive. Took over 3 hours including xrays, ekg, and other test on lungs hearing and eyes. Then went next door for a phyisical workout doing series of test lifting and carrying different weights and climbing up steps for a few minutes while hooked up to pulse rate moniters. Overall it was the most extensive physical I have ever had. Only issue I may have is a disc in my neck that was fused many years ago. Not much I can do about that one.

As far a pay benefits and such I am not in a great position to comment as I have been out of work for awhile. But I felt the people were awesome. All were very professional and polite.

Maybe when I become an oil field fat cat I can be picky, right now my family comes before my pride.

I am interested in knowing what they say about a fused disc in the neck, as I have had the same thing. My doctor has signed me off for unrestricted duty as a firefighter for my volunteer fire department, I am curious what a maritime company doc would say.