Sea Time Question

Hey all,

Question relating to sea time. I have a friend who has sailed as 2nd mate on tankers and is 14 days short for renewal. He took a shoreside position managing marine operations for the local port 18 months ago. He is applying for his Pilotage and should have no trouble getting it.

Problem: his license expires in 2022 and like i mentioned, he is 14 days short of the minimum.

Does apprentice time count> if so, do what equivalent? I could no find anything in the CFRs.

Does his role as a manager count for anything? 46 CFR 10.227 (e) iv mentions shoreside work. He manages the pilots and their operation, perhaps that counts?

Another option is continuity? But again what does apprentice time count for?

I don’t believe he will be hired as an apprentice within the next two years.


I believe if you don’t have the minimum amount required you can take open book exams at home but I may be wrong.

Only for the national endorsement (license). Renewing STCW, even with sea time, requires courses.