Sea time as Port Engineer

Just wondering if it is possible to get sea time while working as a port engineer in order to maintain my Chiefs license or does taking a port engineer job mean not being able to renew your license?
Thanks for any info anyone may have

Generally, yes. See 46 CFR 10.209©(iv) and 10.211(b) for more information and limits on this.

Thank you for your reply, I will check out the CFR’s.

Greetings, that is a question I had as well. Just as today a matter of fact. I did some research and found in the cfr’s that we get a 2:1 ratio. If I understand it correctly? For every day that we are employed we get one day of sea time? Really??? I will follow up with more information as I am just trying to renew my credentials.
I am new to gcaptain but looking forward to learning and sharing information as it comes up. Thank you to all…

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My understanding of this is that you will get credit to renew your national license but your stcw capacity will not renew. the tests are the easy part to retake, but to meet the standards required by stcw you would have to retake and possibly obtain sign off sheets with a QA if you decide to return to sea after your license expires.

I see, thank you for your reply. I’m anxious to see how things will work out. I will follow up as things progress on my end. Always a new experience with all of the Sub M rules that were made. As we just did our first audits on a couple of our boats. As the Port engineer I was asked to be part of the crew as well. Along with sailing with an AB limited, QMED Jr. Engineer, and 100 Ton Masters license it was interesting that I am unable to accrue sea time just to renew my MMC? I never give up, but there are a lot of hurdles to cross that makes you want to check out for awhile… ( just my sense of humor).

I don’t believe that the STCW expires to the point of needing to redo assessments. The BST, AFF, PSC, and whatever else you have needs to be “refreshed” instead of “revalidated”.

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He didn’t say his credentials have expired. He’s asking about renewal, so one should assume his license iss till valid or has been expired for less than a year.

For renewal, you do NOT have to re-do assessments, with one exception. If you arr renewing an endorsement as OICEW or OICEW for the first time since 2017, you will need to meet new requirements for Leadership and Teamworking Skills, this can be done with a course or assessments. In most cases, a mariner renewing with “closely related service” will need to take longer “Refresher” courses for Basic Training, Proficiency in Survival Craft, and Advanced Firefighting. If it is the first renewal since 2017, there may also be additional requirements for STCW engineer officer endorsements.

If you tell what STCW endorsements you have, I can be more specific about what you need to renew them.

Note also that you can also renew without any sea time or closely related service."

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I used to renew using my time as an ABS Surveyor. Of course this was back in the olden days. . . .