Shipyard Superintendent Seatime

Hey gCaptain Crew, so I’ve searched online multiple times and I can’t seem to find an answer, but maybe one of you has run into this. Has anyone ever used “Closely related service” as defined in 46 CFR 10.232 (g) to renew their license? Additionally what is the USCG definition of “Shipyard Superintendent”? I’m looking to renew my Unlimited Mate license, and am wondering if I can credit any of my current Time in my role as a “Vessel Construction Project Coordinator” with my company. My duties are a blend of newbuild project management, vessel repair project management, and company safety. It might look weird renewing my Deck license, with Shipyard Superintendent time, but my duties aren’t terribly different from a Port Captain at my company, just from the construction side rather then the operations side.

You can renew with no sea time. Why not just take the take-home test and be done with it?


I’ve read that on here too. I just wasn’t 100% sure if that was doable. I may have to do that.

It’s worth looking into it. IIRC you may be able to use your kind of port time as 50% of sea time.

Even with closely related service, you still have to take half of that test (rules) [46 CFR 10.227(e)(1)(iv)]

You can use it for 100% of the requirement for renewal. It’s 50% for raise of grade [46 CFR 10.232(g)(1)]


What about Port Engineer/Superintendent time? Not looking to upgrade, just renew as Chief Engineer (Unlimited). I’ll worry about this in two years, with around 280 days sea time since my last renewal before going into the office. Does this fall under the 3 for 1 time noted in the CFR? Job description is the usual Port Engineer tasks, plus dry dock spec preparation and lead person in charge in the yard. The ships are unlimited tonnage qualified, though foreign flagged, if it matters. Curious what I need to prepare for in terms of providing proof of doing said assignments, daily tasks, etc.