Sea Time (Extended Period of Time in a Port)

Hello all, I just have a couple questions regarding sea time when in port or a shipyard for an extended period of time

  1. After how many days in a port or in the shipyard does your straight sea time turn into a creditable 3-for-1 service (deck department)?
  2. For third mates sailing in the position of able seaman, already only getting 2-for-1 service towards there second mates license, does a shipyard period or extended time in port qualify for that person or 6-for-1 sea time?

46 CFR 10.232(e)

Let me tell you a dirty secret - the discharge dictates what the seatime is worth. So if it says you were near coastal or foreign, day for day. I never got a shipyard discharge…all it takes is for the Captain to not write shipyard on it.


True, I always wrote when and what port they got on and off. Shipyard was never mentioned.

There seem to be a lot of people who got most of their seatime with very little time underway.

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I seem to recall in the past that there was some guidance that clarified the sea service had to be underway. After just re-reading the CFRs, there isn’t much in there that talks about “underway” versus tied-up.

Am I missing something?

I am just happy you used “there” properly. @tugsailor

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Disagree on “A lot of people”. At least for me. Shipyard was twice every 5 years. And generally less than 30 days. Those cats worked harder in the shipyard than they did at sea. No problem signing their discharges for time served.

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