Sea Time Letter (Steersman to Pilot)

I have a question regarding the exact wording of a sea time letter. The reason is because I left a company on less than grand terms, but I still need a sea time letter from them to upgrade from my steersman to pilot. I saw a great example of a sea time letter to follow, but there are some think the company will say. The example letter says all the standard stuff, but at the end, it says “We highly recommend _____________________ for a raise in grade to Mate/Pilot of Towing Vessels upon Western Rivers.” Which I’m not sure they would actually say for me. I have another, related, sea time issue. The second issue is that I will need two letters for my complete sea time, one from this last company, the other from my company that I worked at before, any idea how this works? Will I just get the letters and have the USCG add the totals together?

Thank you guys for reading. Some of you have been so helpful already in this process.

Several individual sea service letters are completely acceptable. Recommendations in sea service letters count for nothing.

Thank you, thank you. I was thinking that, but just wasn’t sure. Now I know and ill be making the requests as soon ask get my license replaced. Sent it through the washing machine and have procrastinated replacing it. Need that reference number from my license to put on the letters. Hey, the reference number would be the same on my tankerman license as themes steersman license, right?

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You should be able to call the NMC and get your reference number, or even look it up on their website using your SSN. I am posting from my phone at the airport so you’ll have to google the link

Thank you! It wasn’t immediately obvious how to do it, but once I found the “verify mariner” link, I was able to find my reference number very easily.