Sea Time as Instructor

Does time as an instructor for USCG class count as Sea Time? Someone told me this was true. Just curious. If so, would a class day be considered an 8 hour day or a 12 hour day if it is counted. Thanks.

See 46 CFR 10.232(g)(2):

Service as a qualified instructor in a Coast Guard approved course or a training program is creditable on a 2-for-1 basis for a raise of grade (e.g., 12 months of experience equals 6 months of creditable service). For a raise-of-grade, this credit is limited to 6 months of service.

Since it’s not on a vessel, it cannot be counted as a 12-hour day.


Roger that, thanks for the info and the CFR. Once again, Mr Cavo to the rescue. Anyway we can clone you and put like 300 of you working at the NMC? I feel the turnaround on licenses would drop to about 3 days.