Qualified Instructor Seatime

Hey all-

If you have a CM UNLT and get 180 of your days on vsls less than 1600 ton (tugs, ferries, etc) 2:1, can you get your remaining sea time via instructing at a qualified uscg course?

I.e. someone has 360 sea days on tugs requiring a 1600 ton license. Can they finish off their remaining days toward Master Unlimited via instructing (2:1 also) in a USCG qualified course?



I may be wrong, but if I am that’s ridiculous.

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This question is more out of curiosity- I had heard that some of the instructors at the maritime academy I went to got their master unlimited via the qualified instructor “seatime” referenced in section G (2) of the CFR below.

I think they probably got it from seatime on whatever training ship they went on.

That’s not what I heard recently from someone working at an academy, but I’m trying to figure it out. The regulation says that time can could 2:1 up to six months for raise in grade… I’m just wondering which six months it can count for.

It’s the same 6 months that the under 1600 ton stuff can count for.

Upgrading to Master requires 6 months of seatime as Chief Mate.

Yeah, that’s the question. I’m not sure that’s true, or if the time spent instructing would count as cm time while holding a cm license. Didn’t know if anyone had experience with this

You cannot get all of your sea time as an instructor. For some at academies, the balance of the time, including the required time over 1,600 GRT, was on the unlimited tonnage training ship.

That makes sense, thank you

I’m not sure you are reading this correctly. It’s not a premium, it’s a reduction, i.e. if you instruct for 12 months, you get 6 month service credit.

Understood. Yeah I knew that, I was just wondering how you could apply that six months. Thanks.

Can they use the instructor time for the required 6 months as Chief Mate?