Sea Shepherd Unveils New Weapon to Fight Whale Hunters

WOW, this s… Click HERE to read the full blog article.

Cant wait to see what happens the first time they try and run it though an ice flow. :eek:

Somebody’s gonna have a cold, wet ass. Maybe that nutcase “captain” will be at the helm.

Like giving a monkey a machine gun.

looks a little like a “wig”…50 knots in open ocean…bet thats a wild ride…that’s one chimp that has way way too much money for such a microscopic mentality!!!

That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard!


Who keeps funding the nuckleheads ??? I’ve got an empty pocket they can throw money at !!!

From the referenced article:

[I]The vessel renaming reflects the ship’s benefactor, Ady Gil, who helped acquire the vessel.[/I]

I think in order to be uber rich, you must be uber mental!

They are making claims that this ship is equipped with and LRAD and will be running in front of the Harpoon ships. Hopefully the ship just plows right through the little Fiberglass ship, cuz, you know… it is hard to see right in front of your bow like that

Amazingly prophetic prediction. They piloted this boat right into a larger moving ship’s bow. Easy come, easy go.

[B]I Think that “prediction” turned to “power of suggestion”. [/B] :cool:

lucky that no-one got hurt, though…

No one got hurt, it made the news everywhere, and now “Animal Planet Whale Wars” advertising rates can go up 20%. :eek:

politics aside, both vessels are at fault. The International Rules of the Road (COLREGS) state that vessels should at all cost avoid a risk of collision and take action accordingly, even if it means departing from those same rules.