FYI: Alexandros Patamianos with CIC posting jobs for captains to deckhands to stewards…

Alexandros Patamianos is actually the HR director for CIC however this guy who posts these jobs is NOT the real Mr. Patamianos. I had a job offer for Captain and received all types of information regarding the vessel, location, etc. that actually checked out. Everything looks legit until he advises you to go through his own Immigration/Visa contractors in order to expedite your work Visa. When you contact this fake company, they will try to get you to send nearly 1000.00 USD to them via Western Union. This is when I caught him. The so called company that handles this does not exist.

Another giveaway is that the E-mail he is using is a “Gmail” account. Lots of scams out there but this one is one of the better ones I’ve come across.