Salary vs Day Rate & Extra Work Days

I am working overseas on a foreign flagged vessel for a American company. Several of us have had to workover on our time off . The problem is: Most of us work day for day on salary ,when we workover the company pays us the extra day Salary divided by 365 days not 182.5 days. We have argued and tried to explain it they refuse to listen and keep saying we are getting our extra days pay and thats that. Things are kind of tight now so none of us want to quit or get fired . Has anyone dealt with this and have any suggestions on what to do .

Did you sign a contract? What provisions are in place for this situation?

The only agreement was a salary and day off for a day worked .

if I’ve got the mathematical logic right…through a “loop hole” some moronic genius in management feels it is appropriate to pay what is essentially a “half days pay” for the privilege of working over on your “time off”…if that is true then management probably gave “genius” a bonus and promotion for that…that moron’s daddy must have repeatedly dropped poor genius on his head when he was an infant…would consider keeping some very good records of the days worked over…also a US citizen might have recourse thru either/both US and/or the vessel’s “flag state” regulations…the Jones act might have “some teeth” regarding this matter and many other “flag states” have very specific provisions for how their seaman are to be compensated…suspect that management is relying on nothing to be done about this in the present economic climate…GOOD LUCK!!

**another alternative at “compensation” is taking a “day off for a day worked” for every day worked over…management may want to dis-allow this as it will probably cause crew scheduling problems!!

We have written letters and shown them the math , they dont want to hear it . We are kinda of stuck on what to do about it. I think you are right they know it is wrong but in todays job climate they can get away with it .Couple of the guys have suggested contacting Dept of Labor since they are a American company but I dont know if they can do anything .

Are you working for the guy who started the “Modern Management…” thread? I wouldn’t be surprised…

they are screwing you plain and simple. The question is do you want to make a stand on principle, or do you want to cow tow and keep working???

Also day for day rate and salaray are two totally different things