Paid by the hour?

Has ne one ever heard of this, I’ve allways been paid by the day for a 12 hr shift, by the hr seems pretty shaky to me.

Yeah, a certain “Great Lakes” based company paid hourly, so your last 4 hours are overtime, but if you only get 6-8 hours in on crew change day, you basically showed up for half pay, oh and then the employees traded in being paid from the yard to the vessel for the “dream” of being paid double time because they where stuck on the boat and the company couldnt dredge up a relief for you. Watch out, sounds sketchy.

I worked at a few different tug companies in SF Bay that are hourly rates both union and non union. Its a pretty common thing. Nothing shaky about it unless you are working for a shady outfit and then you would probably have bigger problems.

I get paid by the hour on the great lakes. Anything over 8 hrs a day or 40 hrs a week is OT. Doesn’t seem sketchy to me.

Paid by the hour on a northeast harbor tug. Dayboat crews get 10hr day, overtime after that. weekends time and a half, ten hour day. Go home after 10 hours or whenever works done.

The equal time guys get 12 hours a day, time and a half weekends and overtime after 12 when it rarely happens. Works out fine by me.