Sailing with GOC

Hello guys and girls.

My ROC-licence has expired. But i have valid GOC-licence. Do i need to have ROC-licence if i am sailing in sea area A1, A2, A3. Or does the GOC “triumph” the ROC-licence.

After a quick google search I still don’t know what ROC or GOC stand for, or where sea area A1, A2, or A3 are. Care to elaborate?

Good. I thought it was just me.

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I was never issued a separate MROP, only a GMDSS Operator license so I’m fairly certain that a GMDSS Operator license includes the MROP. Are you sure your MROP expired? They were supposed to have no expiration date, check with the FCC to make sure.

You are correct. MROPs have no expiration. What does that have to do with a ROC or GOC?

I’m running on the assumption that when he says ROC he means MROP and when he says GOC he means GMDSS Operator. It’s the only thing that makes sense given the context of the post.

MROP and GMDSS are separate and both required. My GMDSS class had the MROP component included.

Ahhh. GMDSS GOC is general operator’s certificate and ROC I’d restricted operator’s certificate? If that is what OP means, doesn’t a GOC mean you don’t need ROC? ROC should be a subset.

We’re you issued a separate MROP? I wasn’t.

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I’d love to see a citation for that. If that’s true I need to contact the FCC.

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In the US, FCC and USCG radio license system, GMDSS does trump MROP. I have both, and they are both good for life, the GMDSS certificate makes the MROP superfluous.

The Canadians and the Brits, and just about everyone, else use the terminology ROC (Restricted Operator Certificate) and GOC (General Operator Certificate). In some countries, the ROC can be further subdivided into a “short range certificate” (VHF only) and a “long range certificate” (VHF & SSB). GOC is GMDSS.

As I recall, Sea area A1 is very near shore (VHF range). A2 is everywhere from 60 North to 60 South. A3 is the polar regions above 60 degrees (Inmarsat is not certified as adequate coverage in it).

It appears to me that English is not the OP’s first language. So it’s anybody’s guess what administration issued his ROC and GOC.

Not quite:

A4 is anywhere outside A1, A2, and A3 (the polar regions).

A3 is anywhere within Inmarsat coverage that’s outside A1 and A2.

A2 is anywhere outside A1 that’s within range of at least one MF shore station monitoring DSC 2187.5 kHz.

A1 is anywhere within range of a shore station continuously motoring VHF DSC.

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Same here… and I’ve been sailing this way since graduation with 20 years of flag, class, and PSC inspections never saying anything about it.

I just found this on the FCC’s website:

I already had my MROP but others that did not received it seperate from the GMDSS