GMDSS endorsement necessary?

I have the opportunity to finish up my last handfull of classes this summer for master 500grt Oceans, OICNW under and over 500, and master over 500gt under 3,000gt

PSCRB, Advanced Cargo, Cnav, Flashing Light, ARPA, ECDIS, GMDSS,

GMDSS is throwing a wrench in my scheduling to complete other courses. How necessary is having GMDSS for what im going for? It might be about 4-6 more months before I test for 500grt. But the opportunity is summer for enough time for courses. Yes I know there would be a restriction on MMC for gmdss but does that really matter for now?

Or out of ARPA, ECDIS, GMDSS, would 1 or 2 of those be more important than the other if I had to cut something out for now?

You only need GMDSS if the vessel you are working on has GMDSS.
Not sure what sector you are in, or looking to get into but it is very rare to have GMDSS on tugs. ATB’s and supply boats would be where you would need GMDSS within the tonnage of the 500.
Hope that helps.

You don’t need to take GMDSS to get the license.

You don’t need any of them unless the vessel you’re on has it, what sector are you working in or aspiring to work in?

I would take ARPA, ECDIS and then GMDSS in order of likelihood of applicability.

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Currently on lightering support vessel. But id like to be on survey, possibly wind farm, since i havent worked larger vessels yet im still getting a feel of what i like. Ive also considered going tugs but not sure how that would play out with no tug experience even if i got my toar.

Ill probably skip gmdss for now so i can focus on the remaining required classes and assessments. Arpa and ecdis seem to needed more than gmdss is what im guessing.

Im just simply in a position with time and finances where i can do these summer.

For those syaing you dont need them unless the vessel you work on has it,

Is one of those things lik DP where you can still get hired on and then get it?

I see jobs where these are required so i figured you would need them before getting onto a vessel

You will need all of the above before you will be hired for a vessel that has it except DP.

Dp is a bitch, you have to be on a vessel to get time, but some places wont hire you with out it. Its gotten better, but unlike the other stuff, You have to have 180 days over 5 years plus continuing education to keep it.

Also focus on arpa and gmdss. ECDIS is only neede on vessels over 3000grt. Not saying its not done but ive never seen ECDIS on anything under that.

Similar, but the CG doesn’t control DP certification the Nautical Institute does, or OSVDPA alternately.
You could legally work on a vessel with DP certification without DP induction or DP Unlimited.
You can’t legally hold the position as Mate or Master on a vessel equipped with ARPA, GMDSS or ECDIS if you don’t have those endorsements.

The solution is usually to get DP induction completed and then run on an OSV as Mate until you have time to take Advanced and have the sign offs completed.
Most of the DP2 vessels I’ve been on working for the bigger companies require a Chief Mate, Master and two Mates but generally only require one of the watch officers to hold DP Unlimited.

Great info! Working with MPT now for scheduling. It will be tighter than expected but should have everything completed with GMDSS by Aug.

How about the FCC GMDSS license? Anybody know which companies strictly require it?

Any companies with boats that are equipped with GMDSS.

The fcc license doesn’t get you anything, you have to sit the 14 day course and have it on your license.

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It would if you are on a vessel with GMDSS that isn’t subject to STCW (if there are any…). Ost (all…?) USCG approved courses also get the FCC license.

Just send in your cert to the fcc pay the 45 bucks you don’t need to take that crazy 100 question exam

What cert? From the class? Isn’t the test part of the class?

The cert from the class saying you passed the course . There’s also an element 7 exam 100 questions . I was told I needed to also pass that to get the fcc portion . Which is not true. I ended up just applying through the fcc website and submitted the cert and they emailed the fcc license within 2 days

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Wish I knew that. That 100 question test was a bitch and a half for me.

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Some tugs that opt to meet SOLAS requirements have GMDSS installed, even though the tugs are less than 200 GRT and therefore not subject to STCW or less than 300 GRT and not subject to SOLAS.

Similarly, some tugs have ECDIS, even though it is not a carriage requirement for tugs. With government issue paper charts not being updated, ECDIS use will increase tugs.

If ECDIS is not required, but only carried as an option, are officers required to have ECDIS certification? Maybe, it depends.

Many tug companies will have a mix of tugboats of different sizes with different routes subject to different regulatory requirements. A few years ago some tended to require guys to have everything so that they could be put on any boat, but now the companies have to settle for what they are willing to pay for.

“Not valid on vessels equipped with ECDIS”

There’s no mention of ECDIS being required on that vessel in the license restriction, if it’s equipped you need the certification.