Rules of the Road examination module for International + Inland, Module Number Q100

Hi All,

I need help finding a maritime school that offers this particular course:

  • Rules of the Road examination module for International + Inland
  • Module Number Q100

It must be this very specific course, and not a “similar” one. I’ve searched Google and emailed a few dozen schools, but no one seems to know much about it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Telling us why you need it would be extremely helpful.

Because I need to take the course for work.

Your company requires the course?

Q100 is the module used for mate and master 500 GRT and over. I don’t think any school is approved to test you for that module.

Buy yourself a rules of the road book to study with.
Then you can test yourself with one of the self study programs such as lapware or mariner advancement.
There is also which is free last I heard…
Saying you need to do a course for the rules of the road doesn’t make much sense so we are assuming you need to test for this to upgrade?

You just joined gcaptain 5 hours ago. You ask a very peculiar question that does not make much sense. Nor does your five word explanation of why you are asking. Let’s hear the whole story, then maybe we can figure out how to help you.

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I already tried asking why he needs it. He obviously doesn’t want help since he’s not willing to give us the info we need.

Well excuse me for not living with my phone in my hand, jerk.

What difference does it make why I need, or want to take this course? Either you know a school or you don’t.

And not that it’s any of your business, but in the military, we can use that specific course for a DWO requirement for boatswains mate small boat qualifications.

Wow, just wow, people.

Wow, just wow, indeed! Now I understand.

Try Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, CT.

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It’s not a matter of not living with your phone in your hand. You had replied since I first asked the question and you evaded answering.

Fuck you too.

It can make a lot of difference in the answer you get other than “there’s no school that that, eff off.” Also, a lot of people come on here asking the wrong question and so we want to know why so we can make sure you’re even along the right thing.

If you want an answer, it is our businesses. If you’re going to be secretive don’t come along for help.

I’m surprised that the military accepts the course but doesn’t provide information on available providers.

As I said earlier, I’m not sure any school is approved to proctor the Q100 exam in-house.


…And yet many wonder why there are so many assholes wielding pointy sticks here…


That’s what I thought too…but in spite of the response we got from chuckles over here I looked at the exam guide.

According to it all licenses including 200 grt and smaller get a 50 question q100 module. If this is the case any school offering a uscg approved course for a 200 grt or lesser license would be able to administer the exam (Q100), maybe?

deck_engineering_guide_as_of_3_24_14.pdf (441.7 KB)

Chuckles do you have your phone on? Thank you @Capt_Phoenix and @Ctony and @tugsailor Have a good night Chuckles.

You forgot @tugsailor.

stand by, ok fixed.

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That appears to be the case. It looks like they upped the standard of the lower level license Rules of the Road exams when they instituted the rule change. It used to be a 30 question test for 200 GRT and smaller licenses.

That’s what I remembered as well from way back when.

You sound like one of those seabird feeding harbor cruise people and the reason you want to take the course i am guessing is so you can brag to old grannies and 14 year old girls what a captain you are.

For those that took the post seriously and were willing to help, thank you. For the rest, thanks for showing your true colors. So much for gcaptain being a helpful site…clearly it is anything but. I’m shocked at the negative responses when my question was a simple, nonbiased, non political question.

Guys were helpful to you and you acted like a prick.