RQ Construction

RQ Construction always seems to be advertising for their Jacksonville to Guantanamo tug and barge run. I have filled out their online application a bunch of times over the last few years, called a number of times, never heard so much as a peep in response. For all the advertising they do it’s hard to believe they’re really looking that hard if I haven’t heard so much as a cricket chirp back in response to all my efforts to get in touch.

Does anyone have a phone number or an email for someone on the inside there so that I can get into contact? I just don’t understand a company that spends money to advertise looking for people but then doesn’t respond to efforts at contact. I am confused.

They have had ads on indeed and their pay on those ads seems way behind the curve.

RQ is a California construction company that does government contracts. I don’t think that they operate more than one or two boats, or that they know anything about boats.

They frequently advertise for $500 a day captains for that Gitmo job. Apparently they go through a lot of $500 captains. Obviously, they are not going to anyone that’s any good for $500 a day. Therefore, the high turnover.

RQ is making fantastic money doing government contracts in Gitmo. It’s not like they cannot afford to pay top money for qualified tugboat captains.

There are probably 6 million “captains” in Florida and until that source drys up the line for that $500 job will stretch around the block.

Yes, 6 million “captains,” but only about 600 “Master of Towing”,

and only about 6 “Master of Towing, Oceans with STCW” for a foreign voyage to Cuba.

RQ, like a many tug and barge operators, probably doesn’t even know that Oceans and STCW are required for a voyage to Cuba.

The feckless USCG does virtually nothing to actually enforce these requirements.

If I recall correctly for their engineer ads the pay is 400 a day. Decent for an unlicensed engineer, but low for a DDE.