Role of the Oceans in Climate Change

There has been much press and controversy in recent years about global warming or climate change. Opinions range from doomsday scenarios to absolute disbelief. As a meteorologist (not climatologist), I say that the truth is somewhere in between these extremes…. Read more

Great piece. In my opinion the author did a great job of separating the rhetoric and politics from the data and the science. While doing so, he was still able to put forth his opinions and give some basis of facts to support that belief (as every scientist should). It is not the least bit unusual for different people or groups to take the same data set and arrive at different conclusions. It is how these differences are explored and explained that make all the difference.
Edit: I wrote a much longer post going deeper into the climate change debate and what constitutes good science but that isn’t the point. Read the piece. It is excellent.

Fred, I would love to see your reply to this critique of your post:

Well written and thoughtful. Thanks Fred.

World leadership in fighting climate change is also changing:

Where will the US be on this subject in the years to come?
Hopefully US industry and general population will continue with plans and development to reduce greenhouse gasses and pollution, regardless of “leadership” from the White House.