Rise of grade seatime inquiry

I am looking to upgrade from 100 ton master to 200 master. I am captain on a vessel over 100 tons, a private yacht. The USCG checklist states: 720 days must have been as Master, Mate, or equivalent position while holding an endorsement as master, mate, or operator of OUPV. Would the USCG count the time I was running the vessel over 100 ton as master for required seatime or should I only submit the vessels I run under 100ton?

Thanks for your input.

The USCG should accept all your time.

What actually happens depends on the luck of the draw for who you get as the NMC evaluator. You might draw a bad evaluator that causes problems. You should use a good license consultant to help you prepare and submit your application and that knows how to educate your evaluator.

That depends on whether it’s legal for you to be operating the private yacht as Captain (for hire?) without a license that covers that tonnage. If it isn’t you can’t use the time, if it is (maybe no license is required) then you’re good.

From your screen name, I assume that you are somewhere in the Fort Pierce or Vero Beach, Florida area. Any of the several USCG license exam prep schools in Florida should be able to answer your questions. I suggest that you speak with MPT. mptusa.com. It’s one of the best US schools for both USCG and MCA license prep, and it’s focused on the yacht market.

A point to consider, the USCG license exams are easier, but require a lot of seatime. Whereas, the MCA yacht license exams are more difficult, but require very little seatime.

You did say that you are on a “private yacht” (which requires no license) not a “charter yacht” or “commercial yacht” (which does require a license)?

Thanks for clarifying the distinction.

Thanks all for your input.
tugsailor, I was referring to a private yacht.
As long as the insurance company approves me I can run the private yacht they approve me for but my question was concerning how the coast guard looks at that seatime, I know I was the captain according to the owner and insurance company but would the CG still consider me captain even though I had a 100gt ticket on a 116gt vessel. I understand I wouldn’t be able to run that vessel under charter, no brainer.

I hesitate to comment, but what the hell?

Of course the USCG will consider you to be the Master or Captain, especially if anything goes wrong. However, you are not sailing on your license. Therefore, if something does go wrong, I don’t believe the USCG can take any action against your license.

If you apply for an upgrade which requires seatime while “holding” a license as Master, you might get it. If you apply for an upgrade that requires seatime while sailing as a licensed master, you probably won’t get it. If there is such a distinction, and if the NMC evaluator is aware of it.