Researching Tugboat operations

Hello all,

I’m a recent graduate from Purdue University working on a start-up that some friends and I started called Uniform Sierra. I’m trying to get in contact with tugboat operators for some market discovery research. I’ve seen that folks from the industry are pretty active on here and would love to talk with some of you guys to get a better feel for all the different operations that tugboats do.

Feel free to PM me or reply on the form and we can set up a quick 15 minute call! (just for learning, I’m not selling anything)

Thank you guys!

Still Looking for folks! Im happy to chat in the messages section on gCaptain or trade phone numbers to talk! Please reach out, hoping to get 10 or so for a good spread of opinions and info!

I’m at 2/10, I know there’s more tug guys on gCaptain than that!

I’m just trying to learn the basics, like what are some metrics that matter and how an operation looks!