Research Assistance Needed


Please read the attached PDF file for more information.



[quote=Capt_Anonymous;19681]Please read the attached PDF file for more information.


C_A - you have way too much time on your hands coming up with those questions. Gonna take a while to answer them…lol


You are a highly intelligent, funny, yet deranged man. God I hope to work with you someday when I grow up.


I resent the fact that I was singled out and not allowed my first ammendments rights…How can I possibly answer those questions without the aid of porn???:smiley: Thats like trying to navigate a narrow channel in the dark without aids to navigation or the use of radar, it just ain’t right !


But the rest of us are allowed to send in porn, thank god!


Ya Jem, go figure, he’ll probably even accept Capt lee’s too!:cool:


I never got to see that pic!

But there is no telling what Capt. A likes in his bunk at night, so I encourage everybody to send in a wide variety.


Send him a clean sock, too…


Maybe you should get a job with NMC rewriting the exam questions. These make more horse sense. :stuck_out_tongue:


[B][I]He misses your old avatar…minus the hats.[/I][/B]




C/A, Those are side splitting funny. You should be published.