Renewal Questions: Open Book Exam & STCW Reqmnts

I’m renewing my 200 ton Near Coastal Master & AB Unlimited (3rd time).
It expires mid November, 2016

[U]Requirements per MNC:[/U]
[li]Application[/li][li]Medical[/li][li]Drug Test[/li][li]Current TWIC[/li][li]Likely some STCW (they won’t advise specifics…)[/li][/ul]

[li]STCW Refresher course, [B]OR[/B] an Open Book Exam (I do not have “documented” 360 days seatime in past 5 years)[/li][/ul]
[INDENT=2]USCG said the Exam was cheaper, faster, more popular.[/INDENT]

Exam Questions, for my particular license / AB:
[li][B]How many Questions on the Open Book Exam?[/B][/li][li][B]How many modules?[/B][/li][li][B]How extensive / difficult?[/B][/li][/ul]

[/U]I asked (email & chat) USCG to look at the STCW certs / courses I obtained since my last renewal, hoping that they would tell me what, if any, courses I need to take, but they would not. They said to submit everything & then they would advise.

[li][B]Does anyone have a suggestion on how to find out what, if any, STCW courses I need to take, prior to submitting my application?[/B][/li][/ul]

In case it helps, since December 2011, I’ve taken:
[li]STCW BS Training in First Aid & CPR, Personal Safety & Social Responsibility & Personal Survival Techniques (12/2011)[/li][li]Basic Fire Fighting (12/2011)[/li][li]Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response - part of Foss Maritime’s “Mariner Safety Training Program” (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)[/li][li]Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties[/li][li]Radar Observer Unlimited[/li][/ul]

[li][B]Any other thoughts / tips appreciated.[/li][/B]

Thank you.

I had 4 modules, 25-30 questions each, was able to answer almost all by internet searches. No need for a course.