Maintaining Master and Engineer renewals?

I hold master 200, Stcw for 500 OICNW, DDE and Qmed’s.

I am studying for 1,600 now. For my next renewal I have 1 year sea sevice for each deck and engineering dept’s.

I know 90 days from the wrong dept can be used for renewals and there is an option for an open book test if you don’t have sea time.

Are the open book exams relatively easy? Or non study events?

What is the easiest way sea time wise to renew and maintain both deck and engineering licenses?

Are they easy? They are open book and you do them at home.

The easiest way to renew deck and engine national endorsements (licenses) is to have the required sea time. STCW just isn’t easy. You need courses with or without the sea time.

I should add that I’m currently tug and barge working as a “deckineer”. I assume the USCG would accept a properly worded sea service letter for both but needing 2 years of course.

Wow, i didn’t know they were at home tests.
It sounds like that answers that for national side.

Then I would only need a stcw refresher, re-validation whichever it is now plus prove operating radar.

Thank you.

When your application is approved, you will be mailed the tests.