Renewal 115 Days!

Just received my license 115 days after depositing application renewal package with local REC. There was no further clarifications required just a renewal. Our CG says the average time for processing is 89 days as of February 01.
Do you think things have slowed more??

BTW: I do not like my license being refered to as a credential. Remember guys your license is yours and can only be taken through legal means. A credential can be taken upon whim by any CG know nothing.

Would like to point out I am one of our CG biggest supporters in regards to their real mission, SAR. In regards to civilian mariner licensing, documentation and inspecting they leave much to be desired.

So now you’re Captglad?:eek:

Many congratulations from me…

I can only imagine the sense of relief you feel right now


I shall remain Captmad because I still have to deal with inspectors that do not have any real seatime!

I work in a civilian commercial enviornment and have yet to find one inspector that shares that experience. Meaning the inspectors do not understand what we must achieve on a daily basis.