Current Turnaround times USCG Licenses

The previous topic was way long and possibly archive material from 2021.

Any one have info on the review process and how long it takes. It has been escalated and is out of the hands of the evaluator.

Mr. Cavo, being the best help here, can you give us some time frames/insights/clues.

No. I’m not aware of the time it currently takes to get reconsideration. It had been taking a while in the past, but it was improving and I don’t know the current status. While my office does do appeals of NMC decisions, and would see how long it took to make its way to our office, my role is usually limited to advising on the policy and regulation issues in the appeal and I rarely see the chronology of the appeal.


Much appreciated Mr. Cavo.

I think I speak for a lot of the mariners here who appreciate your help in interpreting/providing the much needed understanding of the regs.
Thank you once again.

If only there were more mariners (and I mean mariners who have sailed and know commercial boats from the UIPV) working at the NMC and MARAD, including those heading the agencies, for US shipping, economically, the results would be far reaching - a greater share of world commercial shipping instead of a decline and limited to Jones Act.