Remember These? I Sure Do




That was before my time so I only know it from history books. Those in later generations than you don’t have the mark of the beast on our arms either. But people the same age as me & younger from other countries do have the smallpox vaccine scar just like the oldies in the US. Things were rough back in the day is all I can figure, still are in some other countries.


I used to have one of those, but like most of my old scars, they have become very hard to see. . . .

I was one of those that flinched. Mistake. I often wondered how much vaccine actually got into me or how much ran down my arm.

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Before deploying to Viet Nam in the Navy we had to go through lines with corpsmen on both sides inoculating into both arms with those machines. We got a lot of vaccines for what I don’t remember.
Many years later it was discovered that the “guns” were responsible for spreading Hep C.
among other things like dirty tattoo parlors and many of the ladies entertaining the troops.
Boy, talk about hazardous duty!

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USN Boot Camp, San Diego, October 1965. Corpsman on each side held arm firmly from the back and shot into the upper arm. Zit-Zit, just as in the article. Cholera shot was injected into lower bicep, by needle. Lots more shots in the next 28 years in the Navy.

I was 6 or 7 when I received the rubella vaccine with that thing.