Sea Scouts

Did anyone here ever participate is this program?

Yup… Quartermaster here.

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I wish I had known about them as a kid. Donated some night vision goggles to the group in Seattle. Have a whole finger pier with all kinds of boats tied up.

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My brother did in Santa Barbara, back in the 60s. He did not continue into the maritime industry, though.

Here I am ca. 1955 (port side) just before the departure of the S.S.S. Argonaut from the Berkeley CA yacht harbor for a nine day cruise. The Berkeley and Albany police looked forward to a period of calm and we looked forward to reacquainting ourselves with the lonely young ladies of the towns on the Sacramento River delta. Our skipper at that time was a functioning alcoholic whose idea of discipline was to look the other way. Later my father took over (ex-merchant marine, deck AB and helm on the Peter Kerr of the Luckenbach Lines) and things straightened out real quick.

“The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there.”




Yup. Just two years, was an Ordinary.

“Bravo Six, going dark”


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In my home town as a little kid there was this large building referred to as the Veteran’s Memorial Field House. A huge open structure. Once a year they held a Boy Scout Exposition there and beyond the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Explorer Scouts there was a Sea Scouts and Air Scouts represented. My old town sit beside the Ohio River. But by the time I was old enough the Air Scouts and Sea Scouts no longer existed.

I understand that the Air Scouts is now basically the CAP (Civilian Air Patrol)

Before WW2 & Korea, boys seemed to live in a different world. Since then it seems more protected from injury, making mistakes, etc even against their will.

I see a lot of this reflected in old books of the Pre WW2 era.

Chest of Books com is an online library of many interesting books from earlier times. I’d invite you to look thru this link under the Craft’s
section/Popular Mechanics category

Chest of Books com/Crafts/Popular Mechanics


Sea Scouts still exist

My Dad. Ex Sea Scout. End of WW II. Sailed with US Maritime Service [Merchant Marine] during the war, went to the USCG after and was checking fuel tanks at his Loran station in Labrador when this photo was taken. Went on to ATT and Bell Labs. Was at Bell in NJ during advancement of the transistor. Many years later he brought home some ribbon fiber and said this is the future ! Little did we know that was just the beginning.


Yes, the organization is still active. I have served on a committee with them. Great program. The scouts lay out the program for the year, and they are responsible for carrying it out. Adults step in only as need. One of the scouts was selected to sail on the USCG tall ship Eagle for several weeks. Our group has sails weekly in the summer, along with a 10 day cruise.

The Sea Scouts in Port Huron, MI have a 185’ vessel:

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