Able Seaman's weapon

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Aren’t needle guns getting banned in some places because the vibration can cause health problem if they’re use over a long period of time?

I think in some cases they’re being replaced with ultra high pressure washers and sand blasting to strip the surface back to bare metal, these methods cause less long term injury but the equipment is much more expensive.

Not where I work. Needle guns, 3 finger scalers and disc sanders are the norm. We used the ultra high pressure washer a couple of trips many years ago but we were the only ship in the company trusted enough to use it. When you are dealing with nearly 40K psi care must be taken. At the same time, and equally important, proper paint prep and application must be followed or you are simply wasting time and paint.


Can’t put into words how much I agree with that Seadog.

If you think needle guns are bad for RSI, try a wire wheel. My experience with angle grinders is such that I really appreciate the smooth, gentle and quiet operation of a needle gun.

On what planet? Not this one! Got woken up many a recent day to the sound of brrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppbbbb…!! Sucks when you’re a day sleeper

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I recently learned that a monkey fist is considered a weapon now! WTF?

Monkey’s fist are illegal in states like California ( California Penal Code Section 1 12020) and Oklahoma (Oklahoma Statutes Title 21) .

They are talking about “get back whips” and not your key ring bobble or a heaving line.

Or keep a roll or two of quarters and a couple of socks in your pockets. Turns into same thing.

How about some mean old woman waving a wood spoon made of hard maple?

I made monkey fists early in my career, They were one color, manilla, I once hit a captain in the head with it unintentionally. in New Orleans. It could be a weapon for someone with bad intentions, not in my case, He told me “Good toss”…

There was a thread here a while back. We decided to get rid of our monkey fists and replace with sand-filled canvas ones. They work better.

Perhaps you didn’t appreciate the time and effort made into making a “monkeys fist”… Yes , there have been improvements perhaps, but the art is going away,as many things. We decided? Not me.

The crew. One of the ABs had used them on another ship so he made up a couple up using old fire hose. They stick to the pier better, more surface area in contact with the pier, they don’t bounce like the monkey fist does. The other crew preferred them as well.

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All good sir. You go with what works best for you.

" He told me “Good toss""
Yeah, but how did he feel about getting hit by the monkeys fist?

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Pissed at first because he thought I aimed at him which wasn’t the case. One of the best captains I ever worked with.

It’s when you put something heavy into the fist like a big nut or bolt. I’ve been hit on the side of the head before and it’s no fun. In Tampa the harbor tugs where told by the USCG to use the safety orange ball type you buy from the store. This was after an injury to a foreign sailor.

Monkey’s fist beats the hell out of a 3/4” shackle some ship crews drop the heaving line onto the tug with…

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