Someone ought to file a legal complaint for these working conditions

Where there’s a whip, there’s a way! - YouTube

What part of the said working conditions didn’t you care for?


Insufficient PPE.

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You guys can laugh & joke about this all you want but after about 9 years of using a whip on my crew I developed a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome in my righthand. After my 16 weeks of paid leave ran out HR told me I had to go back to work on light duty restriction & said to use my left hand now. I’m thinking about getting a lawyer. This is a bunch of bullshit!!!


It seemed to me the senior Orc was just using the whip to help keep cadence. Sorta like the guy beating the drum in Ben Hur’s galley rowing scene.

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The PPE matrix clearly says impact/antivibration gloves are required!


This one is hard to follow.

Marching all day all day all day!

The Operations V.P. at Liberty Maritime, Capt. Stamoulis, was famous for saying: “They invented the whip because some people don’t listen!”

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I recall seeing a 1940’s first edition of the Merchant Marine Officer’s Handbook that had something like (I am paraphrasing but only a little, my memory isn’t quite that good) “Corporal punishment is now generally not permitted. However that is not to say that if a seaman can only be motivated with a kick, that kick cannot be legally administered.”


When I went to school we had corporal punishment. Back then all of our teachers were members of a Roman Catholic religious order. The school had three winter sports: Rugby, rugby, and rugby. The brother coaching the first fifteen rugby team in his WWII army captains uniform broke his arm in a play.
The next day one of us hadn’t completed his homework and the brother attempted to cane the fellow with his left hand. The cane got caught in his religious garments and we all sniggered. That night no one in the junior class did their homework and the next day he canned the whole class of about 40 with his left arm.


Your memory is pretty damn good!

“Lawfully forthcoming”. Sounds like something Andy Sipowicz would say.