Reinstating a surrendered after rehab

I held.a 1600 ton and surrendered it in 1993.
The agreement was that pending proof of rehab (no time limit) my license would be reinstated.

I did the rehab but left the industry
I have recently gotten back on boats and need to find the regs for rei.nstatement of a surrendered license upon compliance.

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Click on the “Safety and Suitability” button on the USCG NMC home page. Then look for a button labeled “Settlement vs Administrative Clemency.”
Administrative Clemency is a process for mariners to obtain authorization to apply for issuance of a new MMC after their previous MMC has been revoked or voluntarily surrendered. There are specific time periods governing the Administrative Clemency process based on the offenses committed.


Otherwise @jdcavo may be able to help.

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Try calling Holly Chetta Look her up in google and search the forums here for her contact info. Leave a voice mail and she’ll get back to you


Not this time. These are very fact/circumstance dependent, and since I may be involved with any appeal of an NMC decision, I can’t opine on specific cases.

I have already met all the requirements. I hold a valid 200 ton. The problem has been finding someone a mmc ( they have been very good. On all this) to recognize the dif between renew and reinstate under the ALJ order of 1992. I need my endorsements