Reinstatement of Continuity License STCW and other reqs

Has anyone reinstated (out of continuity) their USCG 3rd mate OICNW oceans unlimited and know exactly what is meant by needing to do all your STCW? I’ve tried the NMC checklist and I think that’s the right info (Adv FF / Basic Safety / Fast rescue) but no mention (that I can find) of “continuity” also NO mention of Radar/ECDIS…

Also having been shoreside past 10 years, is that it just refresher courses for STCW and no need for new seatime? No fun stuff like cel nav?

Depends on what you had and when you went to continuity. With OICNW in continuity since about 2010, you likely need Leadership and Teamwork Skills, Basic Training REFRESHER ( not revalidation) Advanced Firefighting REFRESHER, Proficiency in Survival Craft REFRESHER and Radar Observer Renewal. Also repeat the tankerman course if you had that and want it back, same for Fast Rescue Boat.

You don’t need more sea time, but you will need to complete an open book, at home test.

ECDIS and ARPA are one time. If you had them before you are good. If not, and if you want STCW valid for them, you need the courses.