What’s up with the Dockwise Blue Marlin?

It looks like 1/2 the Reinauer NY fleet is packed aboard.

The equipment was retired ahead of the OPA90 deadline and sold to an outfit in Nigeria. The M/V Dockwise Blue Marlin will make two trips to transport the tugs and barges.

At least one of the tugs was from BFT, looked like the Harold(?) to me. I’ll pull some of my pics together and post them.

The Maverick and the Hercules are due to ship, the Maverick will go first. The Hercules will go on the next trip.

Correct! The 5 tugs and 7 barges were loaded on completely yesterday. We are going to be adding lots of pictures over the next few days… Check them out on our facebook page!

We started the barge loading job at 0430 and finished around 1250. Our senior pilot and port captain were in charge of loading the barges. I have a couple of panoramic shots that I took but image shack wants to crop them, I’ll see if I can’t get them up somehow.

I guess it isn’t cropping the panoramic shots, cool. I really like them, gives a nice perspective.

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