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I’m studying for a Mate 1600 ton NC upgrade using a variety of resources including upgradeU and Captain Joe’s. One of the features that is really nice about Captain Joe’s is the provided reference for each question. Unfortunately these are mostly abbreviated or listed only by the authors last name. I have recently emailed him regarding this. In the meantime creative internet searching has yielded some of the books, but others still elude me. Can anyone shed some light on what the following books may be, and which ones are valuable for studying?

List one: Captain Joe’s abbreviations and authors who I can not find:
API RP 2D (possibly a Star Wars droid!?)
Petex Primer
Modern Ship (modern ship what? design? engineering? Etc…)

List 2: Abbreviations and authors I was able to track down.
MMOH: Merchant Marine Officers Handbook
AMSM: American Merchant Seaman’s Manual
MacElrevey: Ship Handling for the Mariner
Armstrong: Practical Ship Handling
Willerton: Basic Ship Handling for for Masters, Mates, and Pilots
Donn: Meteorology
MFPFFS: Marine Fire Prevention Firefighting and Fire Safety
Brady: Tugs Towboats and Towing

The final component of this lengthy question is which of the above books (known and unknown) should I be adding to my reference library?

I have Chapmans, Knights, Duttons, Farwells, Bowditch, the American Merchant Seaman’s Manual, A Primer on Towing, and all the allowable testing room reference material in hard copy.

LaDage is likely Stability and Trim for the Ship’s Officer

Modern Ships by La Dage again subtitle is Elements of Design, Construction and Operation

DeKerchove is a maritime Dictionary.

I’d recommend MacElrevey and Stability and Trim for sure.

Martin is now Huber, Tanker Ops

ISGOTT - IntlSafety Guide for Tankers and Terminals,


Good luck.

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Left click your mouse on the left side of the term in your list. Move the mouse to the right to select the term. Right click your mouse to make a menu box appear onscreen. Select “Search Google for ****” and your wishes will be fulfilled … it takes about 5 seconds.

The books you already have on your shelf are all you’re going to need to prepare for Mate 1600. Just concentrate on the 90 percent subjects: Rules of the Road, and T-Nav.

The chart plots are also something like 80% or 90%. The key to the chart plot is being super careful, accurate, and neat while doing the plot. Get the practice charts and practice on each area so that you are familiar with those areas. When you get a question like “what does it say on the chart next to xxxx? (Some obscure feature). You don’t want to have to spend 15 minutes trying to find it.

The 70% sections are easy to pass because you have a lot of margin for error, and you can use the reference materials in the exam room to look up a lot of the answers. When you see something you don’t know and cannot look up just guess and move on. Practice using the CFRs. Some CFR questions you’ll never find. Just guess and move on. You only need a 70.


Even faster to open the link provided by JamesBrown.