Reefer eng or UJE?

MSC finally got back to me and has offered me a job. Of course they had called me two days before getting underway for a four month contract in the Bering sea but they extended the offer until Nov.

Apperently the dept that hires Refrigirating Engineers(the position they offered) is not the same as the one that hiring for Unlicensed Junior Engineers because I just got an email congratulating me on being selected for a position with MSC as an UJE.

I know the pay is slightly higher for the reefer job but I was hoping someone whos worked there could pipe in here. I’m almost thinking I would rather take the UJE for the simple reason that it would help me learn more to upgrade. On the other hand it seems like the reefer eng’s probably got it a lot better and as soon as I get there I’ll be ready to test for my 3rd A/E and will be down in the engineroom soon anyway.

Anyway I’m interested in any opinions or advice anyone has for me regarding the positions or just working for MSC in general.

To the gcap regulars: Hope you all are doing well. Unfortunately working on a processor ship with a few hundred people onboard makes bandwidth so limited its hard to get on here but I had to get on today to ask my question and feed my cravings for the Maritime Monday post…lol