I Made It! Reefer Engineer In Less Than 15 Months

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Two years ago i made this post asking for opinions, advise & suggestions. I just want to post this to show my appreciation and gratefulness to the forum and everyone who contributed to make this become a reality. I followed the various suggestions and advices and joined MSC 15 months as a WIPER. After just one 7-month straight hitch as a wiper, I finally made it as Reefer Engineer. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. You are all awesome and i’ll make you all proud. Y’all have a wonderful weekend.

Special thanks to @rustbucket @tugsailor @SeaEagle @jdcavo @Chief_Seadog and @injunear . You guys really took your time to help me a lot and i can’t thank you enough.



Congrats. Sweet gig on the right ship.


That’s a pretty big “just” & obviously it wasn’t as easy as you try to make it sound. Congratulations, awesome job!


Yeah it definitely wasn’t easy. I make it sound easy out of excitement and also to encourage and motivate others. Thank you man.


Exactly…key word “on the right” ship. I hope so. Thank you.



So now what? Is reefer engineer your end goal or just a stepping stone to the next goal?

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Congratulations on keeping your focus on the goals you set and making it.

Congrats and side note: While sailing in that position, keep track of the equipment you are servicing. Should you ever want to stop sailing, and pursue a career shoreside, some states like Virginia will accept your seagoing experience ( documented by an ops manager on company letterhead) for experience in HVAC and you can fast track yourself to a Journeyman’s license.


Thank you sir. I very much appreciate this. This great and i’m glad you pointed it out.

Yes sir. I sure will.

The goal is to learn, learn, learn the industry side (The plants, the technology & book keeping) of HVAC-R and keep them at my finger tips. Maybe i might get my 3AE along the line but i’m happy for now as Reefer and that’s all i wanted before I joined the industry.

It’s not all about the money for me and i don’t plan to sail all my life especially when i start having kids & etc. So if I can wrap the reefer side around my fingers i’ll be set for life on land in the future. I’m not in a rush to get my 3AE.