Re-activate 3rd mate license procedure?

I’m a graduate of SUNY Maritime ('89), got my 3rd Mate Unlimited and renewed it once. I took a career ashore right after graduation, and let my license expire after one renewal. So my last 3rd Mate license expired in 1999. Is it feasible to try and renew it?
I had a 31 year career as a nav. arch. for the Navy, so didn’t think I would ever get to sea on my license, and let it lapse. Now after retiring from the federal government as an engineer, I still got the bug to go to sea, and have a possible opportunity if I can get my license re-instated. Is it possible to renew it after 22 years of it being expired or is it pretty much gone with the wind?

You cannot renew a license that is one year past its expiration date. I’m afraid it is gone with the wind.

This has been covered before. See Reinstate-an-expired-uscg-license

Gone. Have to start from scratch, including a whole ton of expensive classes.

Looking at your link those guys talk about him just needing all the new classes and a retake of the 3rd exam. meh maybe i will read to the end next time.

Bride told me after I retired almost 20 years ago no more renewals just in case you want to go back… You are dead in the water sir. No ill will, but have to start over if you want to go back. And at a great expense from what it was back then.

Not dead in the water, but it will take some effort, time, and expense to allow you to re-sit for the license exam. You might want to consider just doing what is necessary to get your National endorsement reinstated as a first step.

Dead in the water as far as reinstating. A retest will be required as well as much more expense than when he got the original. Wish no ill will upon him, but it isn’t gonna be an easy path.