Questions About Renewing Qualified Assessor

I recently renewed/upgraded but still have 1 year left on my QA cert. I seen the NMC webpage say I only needed to show proof of doing Qualified Assessor tasks to renew or show evidence of hours of my life down the drain in a useless class. I mostly work foriegn with non US unlicensed & the few times in the last 4 years when I temp worked in US during Covid none of the US unlicensed needed anything signed off. Anybody have experience renewing the QA without actually using it in the previous 5 yrs?

How do you prove you’ve used it? Do you have to tell them who you assessed so they can check their records?

I don’t think we’ll ever need the QA’s if this is the bullshit we have to go through to renew something that we don’t get paid extra for & the USCG doesn’t require?

This what it says for renewal:

“Evidence of training, instruction, and/or experience in assessment techniques in the last 5 years. If a QA or DE actively assessed others during the previous 5 years, provide evidence of those ongoing assessments (records of assessment, company statements, etc.). Companies should provide positive statements clearly indicating ongoing assessment of others during the previous 5 years. If the QA or DE has not been actively assessing others, provide proof in the form of course completion
certificates or other records of having received training in assessment techniques during the
previous 5 years.”

Jan 24th 2022.


But if anyone has renewed it without using it for 5 years, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don’t mind having it or renewing but I’m not going to burden myself too much to make it happen.