Question For Becoming A Mate

Question: Can any1 tell me how long do you have to be on bigger boats to start the process of becoming a Mate?

oh Chr1st! we go aga1n…

H@ H@ H@!!

next time do a search.

u didn’t have too respond


next time do a search.[/QUOTE]

The pointy stick might have been a better choice!LOL!

Nobody had to respond if they didn’t want to.

I’m not sure what you mean, your question is pretty open ended. But as soon as you start working as AB you’re working towards being a mate. You’re earning your time, it’s just up to you to decide if you want to take the classes and test to move up to mate.

[QUOTE=Fraqrat;78208]Nobody had to respond if they didn’t want to.[/QUOTE]

that’s true but it’s no fun either…

“you’re on thin fucking ice my pedigreed chums and I’ll shall be under it when it breaks…now FUCK OFF!”

[QUOTE=injunear;78207]The pointy stick might have been a better choice!LOL![/QUOTE]

most certainly indeed!

??? Why you so mad? Huh??

SEARCH FIRST!!! Then you can ask dumb questions.

[QUOTE=Fraqrat;78250]SEARCH FIRST!!! Then you can ask dumb questions.[/QUOTE]

I’m an new guy here and I’m fairly adept at Googling. I encourage Googling. I even change google to a verb with ease. Each of you should maybe look back a little to when you first became interested in your career and started asking questions. It might give you pause to be a little more tolerant of us new guys. I’m new to this idea of working at sea and I’d hate to feel reluctant to ask you guys questions because I might get flamed. Ask me a question about working in the medical field and I’ll give you the best answer as I know and send you to specific websites for up to date information. I won’t call you a dipstick, knucklehead or any other name because you didn’t look for the info first. There’s a lot of wacky crap on the internet and it’s natural for a person to want to go to the experts rather than “” or any other of the sites that have bad info. I agree this thread should be a sticky but don’t dog-pile folks for asking a simple question. Just cut and paste the url and they’ll get the hint. I believe in mentoring not castrating. Incidentally, this post was motivated by an earlier thread today where the OP got the treatment from the experts… OK, flame away.

Not google or, search this site first. There is already a wealth of info on here. Nobody will get the treatment if they tried Searching old threads here. Most of us want to help but only after you have helped your self first. Look for a post titled “READ THIS FIRST”.

Then their should be a plethora of stickies

Other forums I go to have plenty of stickies…

[QUOTE=ron2blade;78205]u didn’t have too respond[/QUOTE]

You came here, asked a question, and now get snippy when someone shows you a path to answer your questions?

How bout stickies and giant flaming signs. With lasers flashing from them. Your not gonna get spoon fed in this business.

The likelihood that people who are new to this site and the search option will stop asking these questions is slim to none! When are the rest of you people going to get tired of pissing and moaning about it? Don’t want to answer a dumb question. Then don’t! This site would be better off without you!