Question about job offer with MSC

Question so I got a job offer with MSC, months ago however my offer was rescinded cause I messed up on two questions on the EQUIP. However, they told me just to reapply and to update my application and it was under review for a while then under review for suitability and then today I see it says that I am unsuitable and disqualified ? Any ideas what the reason could be ??

Is was denied employment based on my seperation I had with my current employer at the time ( fired) but that was a year ago and I’ve went back to the same company I been working for a few years now. I just reapplies for entry level will I have a chance ??

You stated you messed up on two questions? This indicates a mistake on your part. It is advisable that when doing there application if you are not sure of a question that you contact support for clarity. Also, after applying follow up on your app periodically for its status. You should’ve had the opportunity to explain anything in question. Hopefully you were able to rectify any misunderstandings in your original application. Its rare that someone who was fired is re-hired by the same company. A statement explaining this to MSC is also advisable.

Yes I messed upon the security they were gonna let me retake it but I had to reapply during that process I had got Fired from an employer. Then MSC denied me cause of the termination. A year later I work for a company I did in the past. So I’m wondering if I have a chance to reapply

When I took the Equip I was told over and over again that the worst thing to do is lie on it… they made it sound to me that most things can be hammered out if reasonable as long as you are truthful. A denial of security one time is a major red flag for them.

I think as long as your 100 percent honest and upfront on the SF-86, so long as you didnt kill someone or steal, you will more than likely be hired by MSC. The worst thing about the BI is to lie about something or understate the truth. They are looking for honesty…not someone who is a saint.

I didn’t lie on it I literally was going through it fast marked no on a question that I meant to put yes and left an explanation as to why and it clearly was a mistake not a lie.

We all make mistakes that are cleared before the offer or during the investigator’s interview. A discharge for misconduct would not disqualify you. People get fired and lie about it everyday. There is no way to know of your separation unless you tell them. Eccept the the unemployment office, pur law, most employers will not disclose excate miscondut reasons as it may lead to litigation. It is considered confindital employee records. There was something else serious there. You may want to check into your own background. There maybe something there you are unaware of or forgotten.

So i got a thirds offer around 10 months ago, and got my medical done this past november (2020). Still waiting for NEO, its been about 5 months now. How long should I expect?

It can be up to a year.

Thats pretty wild. Appreciate the info!