Rehire for MSC

I recently resigned from employment with military Sealift Command for family reasons, and hr stated that under my profile it says no for rehire. She also told me that it is standard to put that. My question is, what is the possibility of being rehired?

Were you a dues-paying SIU member when in? If so contact Jesse Ruth. I have been offered re-hire twice as a retired civmar.

Yes I was, but I was in my probationary period. My rep was Sam Spain. How do I contact Jesse Ruth?

Good man. I don’t have his email addy, contact SIU for it.

I have his email. Just contacted him. I just wanted to know if anyone else had some useful information.

Is it possible you were “pending disciplinary action” when you resigned? That would flag someone for no rehire. MSC rehires lots of people all the time. So something tells me there is something in your record saying not worth the trouble.

No. No one ever turned anything in, and their are no comments under my profile from what he tells me.

Could be that if you quit during probationary period, then they decide to make you not eligible for rehire. I guess they have plenty of applicants with no prior experience.

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“not worth the trouble.”

you described 90% of the people working at MSc