Question about different 12 hour shifts

Hi I am new to this forum so I don’t know where to post this. I work offshore on a production platform and me and the marine crew or looking for different idea on 12 hour shift changes for crew changes so that each crew night and day is covered with personnel. We work 14&14 and we currently have 4 guys who work nights and 4 guys who work days. We shift change at 0600 and 1800. Currently the 4 guys who fist land in the chopper offshore go straight to bed and begin nights at 1800 and work to 0600 which is a Wednesday. The next Wednesday is where its complicated. The guys working nights come on as normal at 1800 but knock off at midnight we then sleep till 0600 where we start working the day shift at normal times. Now the guys who were already on the day shift must wake up at midnight giving them 6 hours of sleep as well after knocking off at 1800 and must work from midnight to 0600 before going home on the chopper at around 0900. I am open to any ideas if anyone has a better way of shift changing on days coming and going. As long as everyone gets back to the 0600 to 1800 then any schedule is fine on those 2 days of crew change. It aint fun having to wake up at midnight and work till 0600 before driving 5 hours to go home. Any help is appreciated thanks!

That’s exactly what my drill ship does, just on 21day shifts. Trying to figure something out here to. Doesn’t bother me but other guys don’t like it.

Yea man it sucks for guys who have to drive for distances when they get off and have been up since midnight. and not everyone can go to sleep at 1900 because by the time you do your turnover with your relief eat supper then shower and all its already 1900 so you likely only getting maybe 3 to 4 hours of sleep. Hopefully someone can chime in with a better schedule their crew worked out.