Rotation Lengths

I’m currently trying to write a sociology research paper on the advantages and disadvantages of various rotation schedules and lengths. Does anyone know of any reports or other information out there which might provide some hard evidence on the subject, or where a good place to look for them would be? Any personal experience would also be welcome.

You might study divorce rates. When I was in the gulf, every capt I knew was divorced at least once. One young captain often worked 6 weeks on/ 2 or 4 off, he got off a couple days early and went home to find his new wife with a friend. I told no women gets married to be alone, he did’nt get it and continued working as much as possible. I would still be down there if I could get even time.

Look for studies in relation to Oil Pollution Act of 1990. Among several things, it restricts the amount of hours a crew member can work. 15 in 24, BUT no more the 36 in any 72. This is because “fatigue” was credited towards the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. If your to young to remember, google. Don’t know of any particular studies, but the 12-4 watches sucked. Always felt tired. Hope this helps some.

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