'QMED Any Rating' Training courses? VA Post 9/11 use?

2-part question:

Are there any maritime schools that have the courses to complete QMED Any Rating? All I’ve really found was courses for OILER. MAMA has some, but I’m a bit gun-shy on going there after the licensing debacle.

Post 9/11, if you used this for training, what all did it entail?

Thanks in advance.

Training resources limited (TRL) in san diego has courses for all the qmed ratings.

If you get a DDE license can’t you ask for Qmed any? Those classes are 5k each holy shit.

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The poster didn’t say if they were also applying for DDE, and even if they are, there is an exam to add QMED in addition to the exam for DDE. Not testing may be the reason for wanting a course. See CG-MMC Policy Letter 4-18.

Yes, but to get QMED-Any Rating you would need to take them all.

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Since you brought it up, i was going to mention to the OP to consider self studying. Save your dough for the stcw stuff. If i can self study from qmed all the way to 1st assistant anyone can. Those classes are super expensive as you pointed out. I would have only considered that if an employer/union was covering it.



Thank you all for the responses. I’m not opposed to DDE, but I’m not sure if I have the sea time for it.

To be quite honest, I’m more of a tactile learner and do very well in a class setting. It also sections time out of my life that I can concentrate solely on the tasks at hand.

This is also why I was asking about the Post 9/11 GI Bill (just retired). This would all be on my own terms, no employer help (at least for sending me to school).

I’ve looked into going to a maritime academy, but I’m not sure how I could support a wife and kids for the duration.