Q Ships

Antbody ever heard of Q-Ships?

It was a pretty effective deterrent. A stabilized 6 inch inch gun beats an RPG every time. Obviously, if the vermin care whether their fellow pirates are still alive, they care if THEY are still alive!

If the object of the excerize was just to die, it would be different. But these people want to live and spend the spoils of their piracy.

The fact that they have no effective government speaks volumes about the inhabitants.

Vermin… If I saw a somali and a rat crawling up the bow line I’d shoot the somali and give the rat some scraps. A least the rat won’t hold me hostage.

The stories about the successful pirates gathering several more wives and having dozens more offspring doesn’t help. Let’s create more mouths to feed and more pirates, shall we? Having a little extra money had a name when I was a kid.

I don’t know know what the answer is, but I know it’s not what we’re doing now.

I’m sorry for the rant.


We haven’t been doing much right… Just look where we are heading. Anyone read the latest on right wing extremism. What a joke…ex military, people that are stock piling ammo… all being considered possible threats. Oh yeah, our governtment created another spot under homeland security to watch over these questionable US citizens. Sorry I did not stick with the Q ship theme, but I chimed in on the rant part…