Navy vessel sinks Somali pirate ship


I hate that it’s come to this, but I hate even more what the pirates are doing.

What so you mean “come to this”? This is nothing new. This has been going on for centuries. Pirates are simply terrorists in boats. They don’t care who they hurt, they are out for personal and sometimes political gain, these people, as described by international law, are at war with humanity as a whole. You wouldn’t expect the military of any nation to stand aside and let a group of terrorist walk on by, so why should pirates be any different. We can not afford to sympathize with pirates. Modern culture glorifies piracy as something it isn’t, a fantastic lifestyle full of fun and adventure. When in reality it has been and still is impoverished people who in desperation resort to extremely violent means for their personal gain. People today do not realize the act committed by these people are acts of terrorism.
This event is just one minor victory in the endless war on piracy. As long as poverty exists on coasts world wide there will be piracy, however event like these can help deter piracy and reduce the number of ship attacked annually.
The loss of any life might be regrettable but by taking the life of one pirate how many lives might have been saved? The other men on that boat might be also be deterred from attacking vessels.
In the end it just a continuation of a war that has been waged since man first took to the sea.

You’re right - it’s an old problem. I just meant it in this current context, that’s all. I hate to see loss of life, but totally understand why it’s necessary.